Estilo para tus uñas // Style for your nails

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hoy traemos algunos estilos divertidos para que cambies el diseño de tus uñas, son tan sencillos y divertidos que lo único que necesitas es ver las imágenes. 
Today we bring some fun styles to change the design of your nails, they areso simple and fun that all you need to do is see the images.

Con el primer estilo necesitas dos colores diferentes y una bolsa de plástico.
With the first style you need two different colors and a plastic bag.
En el segundo necesitas cinta adhesiva, tijeras y tres colores
In the second one you need tape, scissors and three colors.
En el tercero necesitas una aguja, pintura blanca y tres colores diferentes más. Aplica la base blanca, pon pequeñas gotas de las pinturas de colores en una de las esquinas inferiores de la uña, esparce la pintura de las gotas con la aguja o un pica-dientes y finalmente aplica una capa de barniz transparente para proteger el diseño. 
For the third one you need a needle, scissors, a white base and three different colors more. Apply the white base, place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail, spread colored polish dots outward with a needle or toothpick and finally apply topcoat. 
Para el cuarto diseño necesitas la base blanca y barniz de diamantina.
For the fourth design you need a white base and glitter nail polish
Para finalizar, aquí hay una imagen con tips para crear más diseños en sus uñas.
Finally, here's an image with tips to create more designs in your nails.
Puedes ver la siguiente parte aquí //You can see the next part here:

Images sources:

Keep calm and put nail polish illustration by 23madisonstudio


  1. nice!!

  2. wow...I tried the Minx manicure recently and freaking expensive ! now, I can try YOUR method which have similar effect !!! thank you love!!! can you tell me how much you spend on doing each manicure? I really wanna know:)

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    1. First of all, I just checked out your website and I have to say that what you're doing, the whole Africa project you're building is amazing! Now, I'm glad you liked our method, with your question you mean how much time I spend? with the water color nails around 15 minutes with each hand. The spike nails take longer around 30 to 40 minutes each hand. The messy nails are pretty easy so around ten or 15 minutes, it depends on how good you are using the needle haha and with the shiny nails 7 to 10 minutes. I didn't spend any money, I had everything at home (: